Performance Dimensions: at least 20’x20’, with 9’ minimum height.

The artist can perform in smaller spaces (absolute min. 14’x14’ – with a less technical performance). (Please contact to discuss this option at least 7 days prior to the performance.)

Performance Surface must be:
unobstructed & flat for the entire 20x20x9. Please see included image level, smooth*, hard‡). 
clean** dry**

If performing for a festival or event where people could potentially walk though the performance space, a barrier, fence, or staff member must be provided to prevent injury to the performer or public.

Private backstage area:

• This area must have direct access to the performance location.
• At least 7x7x8 feet of space to allow the performer to warm up and store the wheel in the space.
• Access to a nearby bathroom.

In addition to the requirements above The Artist requires thirty minutes on the stage during the day of the performance to run act in their lighting. Please note, All lights including houselights must be set to the level they will be at for the show.
*Some less-than-smooth surfaces (for example some outdoor venues) can be accommodated, The surface will need to be approved in advance by the artist. Please contact to discuss options.

*A good test for what qualifies as smooth vs. abrasive is if you slide on your knees, will it scrape off skin?

**This must be true at the time of the Cyr Wheel performance, not just at the beginning of the show/event, so if preceding acts leave debris or moisture on the surface, it must be removed prior to Cyr Wheel for safety reasons. Fog machines will often leave a slippery residue and/or condensation on the floor that is not noticeable for normal walking or dancing, but is particularly dangerous for the artist Cyr Wheel.

‡ Must not be a soft carpet, rubber or foam, astroturf.

A practical example of a good cyr wheel surface is one that you can roller-skate on with ease.

Please contact with any questions.